Former High School Wrestler Saves Subway Employee from Attack

A former high school wrestler, Gabriel Pitzulo, demonstrated his bravery and quick thinking when he intervened to save a Subway employee from an enraged customer in Indianapolis, Indiana. The incident occurred on March 22 during Pitzulo’s lunch break, as he entered the local Subway restaurant where he frequently dines.

Upon entering, Pitzulo was met with a chaotic scene, with people yelling and creating a loud atmosphere. The source of the commotion was an irate customer, later identified as Daniel Saunders, who allegedly threw an object at a female employee and spat on her in front of numerous onlookers.

Surveillance footage captured the dramatic moment when Pitzulo sprang into action, charging at Saunders and pinning him to the ground. Witnesses promptly locked the doors and called the police, while Pitzulo maintained control over the assailant. Despite Saunders’ attempts to break free, Pitzulo successfully held him down for the three minutes it took for law enforcement to arrive.

Reflecting on the incident, Pitzulo expressed his disapproval of the attacker’s behavior, mentioning that there were some verbal exchanges between them. When the police arrived, they allowed Pitzulo to assist in handcuffing Saunders, commending his bravery and thanking him for his intervention.

Pitzulo, who currently works as a welder, had not previously considered a career in law enforcement. However, he hopes that his actions will inspire other young men to step in and protect innocent individuals in their communities. In light of the prevalent discussions surrounding toxic masculinity, Pitzulo aims to promote the idea of standing up for others.

Following the incident, Daniel Saunders was charged with battery injury, battery resulting in bodily injury, and disorderly conduct-fighting/tumultuous conduct, according to police records.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. What qualities do you think make someone brave, and how do you think Gabriel Pitzulo exemplified these qualities in his act of intervention?

  2. Gabriel Pitzulo’s actions can be likened to a knight in shining armor, bravely stepping in to protect a damsel in distress. Just like in medieval times, when a knight would defend the innocent from a raging dragon, Pitzulo fearlessly confronted the enraged customer to ensure the safety of the Subway employee.

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