Former Hannah Montana Actor Mitchel Musso Arrested on Charges of Public Intoxication and Theft

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Image Credit: Disney

Former Hannah Montana actor Mitchel Musso, known for his role as Oliver Oken, has been arrested in Rockwell, Texas, on charges of public intoxication and theft. The arrest occurred over the weekend following reports of a disturbance at a local hotel. Police responded to the scene on Saturday night after receiving reports that Musso had allegedly taken a bag of chips from the hotel shop without paying and verbally abused the staff while appearing intoxicated.

Upon arriving at the hotel, police detained Musso outside and confirmed his identity. They also determined that he was publicly intoxicated. Musso was subsequently arrested on two counts: one for public intoxication and another for theft (under $100). A background check revealed additional outstanding traffic warrants. He was taken to the Rockwall County Detention Center and spent the night in jail before being released on Sunday morning after posting a $1,000 bond.

Mitchel Musso’s representatives have been contacted for a response but have not issued a public statement at this time. Musso, who was born in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, began his acting career at the age of 8. In addition to his role in Hannah Montana, he is known for being the original voice of Aang in Dave Filoni’s original Avatar: The Last Airbender pilot episode before the role was recast with Zach Tyler Eisen. Musso’s career has faced setbacks in the past, including a DUI charge in 2011 that resulted in the loss of two Disney projects.

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