Former Fox Tucker Carlson Producer Justin Wells Sued for Alleged 2008 Sexual Assault

Tucker Carlson (left) and Justin Wells (right)

Justin Wells, a former executive producer for Tucker Carlson at Fox News, faces a lawsuit alleging sexual assault against another Fox employee in 2008. The plaintiff, Andrew Delancey, claims that Wells assaulted him at his New York apartment. At the time, Wells was producing “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren, while Delancey worked for Fox News Edge.

The lawsuit details an incident where Wells allegedly lured Delancey to his apartment under the guise of career guidance, offering him a drink before assaulting him. Delancey recounts resisting Wells’ advances, including attempts to undress him and forced physical contact. The complaint states that Delancey managed to escape after a second alleged assault attempt in a stairwell.

Delancey’s lawsuit also implicates Fox News, suggesting a workplace culture where sexual harassment was prevalent and reporting mechanisms were discouraged. He alleges that after the incident, his career advancement at Fox was hindered, leading him to return to a position in Tampa.

Harmeet Dhillon, Wells’ attorney, has categorically denied the allegations, labeling the legal action as meritless and an attempt to exploit the extended statute of limitations. Dhillon points out that the lawsuit was filed just days before the statute of limitations would expire.

Wells, who was Carlson’s executive producer until April of this year, has since joined Carlson’s show on X, formerly known as Twitter. Carlson himself has expressed skepticism about the credibility of the allegations, emphasizing the importance of timely reporting in cases of sexual misconduct.

Delancey, currently residing in Ohio, utilized New York’s Adult Survivors Act to file the summons. This act provided a one-year window for bringing forward sexual assault claims otherwise barred by the statute of limitations, a window that expired on November 24.

Fox News, having shifted the case to federal court due to jurisdictional reasons, has not issued a public statement regarding the lawsuit. Delancey’s legal team filed the complete complaint in federal court following the move.

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