Former Deputy Pleads Not Guilty in Fatal Shooting of Motorist Experiencing Mental Health Crisis

Memorial photo of Christian Glass, 22.

Andrew Buen, an ex-deputy of Clear Creek County, entered a not guilty plea to charges including second-degree murder, related to the fatal shooting of 22-year-old Christian Glass. The incident took place on June 11, 2022, after Glass, stranded and in a mental health crisis, sought help through a 911 call.

Glass, who had crashed his car, expressed fear of “skinwalkers” and pursuit during the call. Buen was part of a seven-member law enforcement team responding to the scene, where they spent considerable time attempting to persuade Glass to exit his vehicle. As reported, Glass was experiencing paranoia and delusions at the time.

The situation escalated when officers, authorized by then-Sgt. Kyle Gould to employ force, attempted to extract Glass from his car, employing bean bags and tasers. Glass’s actions, which included lunging with a knife, led to Buen fatally shooting him.

Both Buen and Gould faced indictment by a grand jury in November, with Gould receiving charges of criminally negligent homicide. While Buen’s plea was registered, Gould has yet to enter a plea; however, a tentative resolution has been reached, and he is scheduled for a plea and sentencing on November 16, as stated by a Fifth Judicial District Attorney’s Office representative.

Buen is expected back in court on December 18 for a motions hearing, which will address potential venue changes.

In a separate development, Glass’s family received a $19 million settlement from Colorado and local law enforcement, the largest of its kind in the state. This settlement was accompanied by official statements acknowledging the preventability of Glass’s death and committing to improved responses to individuals in crisis. Additionally, this case will inform police training to emphasize de-escalation techniques.

Author: CrimeDoor

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