Former Child Star Austin Majors Found Dead in Suspected Fentanyl Overdose

Former Child Star Austin Majors Found Dead in Suspected Fentanyl Overdose

New details have emerged regarding the death of former child star Austin Majors, known for his role as Theo Sipowicz on the hit police drama “NYPD Blue.” Majors, aged 27, was found dead in February, with an autopsy confirming a suspected fentanyl overdose. A coroner’s report revealed that Majors was homeless at the time of his death and was staying at a men’s shelter. On the day of his death, staff at the facility conducted a routine bed check and found Majors unresponsive. Paramedics were called, and upon arrival, they discovered rolled-up dollar bills, a shot glass with white residue, a crystal-like powder, and rectangular pills. Majors, whose legal name was Austin Setmajer-Raglin, had a reported history of substance abuse, including alcohol, cocaine, ketamine, and Xanax.

Austin Majors had a promising career in television, appearing in “How I Met Your Mother” and other shows. However, he faced challenges in his 20s and fell on hard times. Majors was observed eating just hours before being found unresponsive. He was known not only for his acting talent but also for excelling academically, skipping a grade as a child and graduating high school early. He pursued higher education at an undisclosed university, majoring in film and television production and minoring in the music industry.

Dennis Franz, who portrayed Majors’ on-screen father in “NYPD Blue,” expressed shock and sadness over the overdose. Franz fondly remembered Majors as a joy to have on set, bringing smiles and happiness to everyone. Although they did not stay in touch after the show ended in 2005, Franz stated that he would always remember Majors fondly.


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