Former Biden Administration Official Served Search Warrant in Luggage Theft Investigation

Former Biden Administration Official Served Search Warrant in Luggage Theft Investigation

Former Biden administration non-binary official, Sam Brinton, has been served a search warrant by police in connection with an ongoing investigation into luggage theft. The search warrant was executed at Brinton’s Maryland home, where police recovered clothes belonging to a Tanzanian fashion designer, Asya Khamsin, that were reportedly stolen from a luggage carousel at Ronald Reagan National Airport near Washington, D.C.

This incident marks another accusation against Brinton, who has previously been accused of theft of luggage from airports in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Las Vegas. In May, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) police searched Brinton’s home and found clothes belonging to Khamsin. Khamsin stated that she had seen photos of Brinton publicly wearing clothes she had designed, which had been in a bag that went missing on March 9, 2018, at Reagan Airport.

MWAA spokeswoman Crystal Nosal confirmed that the police returned Khamsin’s property and retained photos of the evidence for prosecution. The case is currently under adjudication, and further details cannot be released at this time.

Due to the value of Khamsin’s stolen property being over $1,000, Brinton has been charged with felony grand larceny. Brinton has also faced charges for the theft of luggage valued at over $2,300 from Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in September 2022 and a suitcase with contents, including jewelry, valued at nearly $3,700 from Harry Reid International Airport in July 2022.

Brinton, a nuclear engineer who previously headed nuclear waste policy at the Department of Energy, is no longer part of the DOE as of December 2022. A DOE representative clarified that Brinton was not a Biden official, despite taking office during the Biden administration.

It is important to note that Brinton is a long-time LGBT activist and goes by the name Sister Ray Dee O’Active in the community. The group’s Los Angeles chapter has been involved in discussions regarding their participation in “pride” celebrations at Dodger Stadium.


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