Former Auto Insurance Agent Charged with Fraudulently Obtaining Lower Rates for Clients

Former Auto Insurance Agent Charged with Fraudulently Obtaining Lower Rates for Clients

Former auto insurance agent Thomas Truong, 61, of San Jose, has been charged with submitting fraudulent documents to obtain lower rates for his clients, as well as earning substantial commissions for himself, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. Truong was scheduled to be arraigned on Monday afternoon.

Prosecutors allege that Truong submitted “good student” forms from Mission College in Santa Clara to his employer, Farmers Insurance, in order to secure discounts for at least 10 clients. However, it was discovered that eight of these clients had never attended college, and the others did not attend during the dates specified on the forms.

During the investigation, a California Department of Insurance investigator found that Truong had fraudulently altered a total of 10 college diplomas, 14 high school report cards, and 10 school official statements. When confronted with the altered documents, each client confirmed that they had never seen them before. Additionally, many clients claimed to be unaware that Truong had obtained discounts on their behalf.

Farmers Insurance terminated Truong’s employment in June 2022 after uncovering the alleged fraudulent activity. If convicted, Truong may be ordered to pay restitution and serve a county jail sentence.

District Attorney Jeff Rosen emphasized the impact of insurance fraud on the community, stating, “The massive losses caused by insurance fraud statewide – large and small – trickle down to us all. We’re determined to enforce the law and even the playing field for businesses and customers.”

Author: CrimeDoor

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  2. This is absolutely disgraceful! It is infuriating to see someone like Thomas Truong, who was supposed to be a trusted auto insurance agent, engaging in fraudulent activities. Not only did he deceive his clients by submitting false documents to obtain lower rates, but he also shamelessly pocketed substantial commissions for himself. This kind of behavior not only undermines the trust we place in insurance agents but also contributes to the rising costs of insurance for honest individuals. It is appalling to think that someone would stoop so

  3. I found this article about Thomas Truong’s fraudulent activities as an auto insurance agent quite interesting. Could you please expand on how he was able to submit fraudulent documents to obtain lower rates for his clients? I’m curious to know more about the specific methods he used and how he managed to earn substantial commissions for himself.

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