Former Apple Engineer Sentenced to Prison for Trade-Secret Theft

Former Apple Engineer Sentenced to Prison for Trade-Secret Theft

Former Apple engineer Zhang Xiaolang has been sentenced to 120 days in prison for stealing proprietary information from the tech giant. Zhang, who pleaded guilty to a single count of trade-secret theft in August 2022, was accused by US prosecutors of downloading a 25-page Apple document containing schematic drawings of a circuit board design for an autonomous vehicle. The stolen information was intended for a Chinese startup specializing in electric cars with autonomous driving features.

US District Judge Edward Davila in San Jose, California, issued the final judgment on Tuesday, proposing that Zhang serve his sentence in a minimum-security facility. Additionally, Judge Davila recommended that Zhang be given the opportunity to teach math to other inmates.

Zhang’s actions highlight the ongoing concerns surrounding intellectual property theft and the potential risks posed by individuals seeking to profit from stolen trade secrets. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding proprietary information, particularly in the highly competitive technology industry.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This is absolutely disgraceful! How could someone betray their former employer and steal proprietary information? Zhang Xiaolang’s actions are a clear violation of trust and integrity. It’s infuriating to think that someone who had the privilege of working for a company like Apple would stoop so low. This kind of behavior not only harms the company but also undermines the hard work and innovation of countless individuals. It’s a reminder that there are always individuals willing to compromise ethics for personal gain. Apple trusted Zhang Xiaolang

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