Florida Rapper Julio Foolio Fatally Shot in Tampa Hotel Parking Lot

Florida Rapper Julio Foolio Fatally Shot in Tampa Hotel Parking Lot

Florida rapper Julio Foolio, whose real name is Charles Jones, was tragically shot and killed in the parking lot of a Tampa hotel on Sunday. The incident occurred just two days after the artist celebrated his 26th birthday. Jones had been staying at a Holiday Inn in Tampa after being asked to leave an Airbnb where he had been partying, according to his lawyer, Lewis Fusco.

Fusco stated that Jones was “reportedly ambushed” while staying at the Holiday Inn. Tampa Police confirmed the death of Jones and reported that three other individuals were injured in the shooting. The injured victims were promptly transported to the hospital and are currently in stable condition.

Prior to his untimely demise, Jones had shared a story on Instagram, showcasing his birthday celebration at a pool party with friends and fans at an Airbnb. The event, which had gained significant attention on social media, allegedly became too rowdy, resulting in police shutting it down and Jones being forced to leave, as per Fusco’s statement.

Law enforcement reports indicate that Jones had initially stayed at an Airbnb but was asked to vacate due to exceeding occupancy limits. He subsequently relocated to the Holiday Inn, where the incident in the hotel parking lot occurred.

The shooting took place when Jones and the three other victims were inside their vehicles in the parking lot. Unidentified assailants opened fire, leading to the tragic outcome. As of Sunday afternoon, no suspects have been arrested in connection with the incident. Authorities are currently reviewing surveillance footage from the hotel to aid in their investigation.

Jones was a known member of the Jacksonville gang KTA, which has been engaged in a longstanding feud with rival gangs, according to First Coast News. Authorities also revealed that Jones’ cousin and three teenagers were killed in a gang-related shooting during a birthday party for Jones’ brother in 2018.

The rapper had previously survived an attempt on his life in 2021 when he was grazed by a bullet at his recording studio in Jacksonville. Jones later taunted his shooters on Instagram, stating, “Y’all miss a whole 100 shots literally.”

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