Florida Mother Allegedly Attempts to Sell Toddler for $500 at Bank, Abandons Child

Florida Mother Allegedly Attempts to Sell Toddler for 0 at Bank, Abandons Child

A shocking incident unfolded in Palatka, Florida, as a heartless mother allegedly attempted to sell her 18-month-old daughter for $500 at a local bank before abandoning the child. The accused, identified as 33-year-old Jessica Woods, was observed loitering outside an H&R Block branch with her toddler when a bank employee recognized her as a frequent visitor. Disturbingly, Woods had previously used the bank’s restroom to change her daughter.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by the Daily Mail, witnesses reported seeing Woods hitting her child with her elbow and spanking her inside the bank’s restroom. Concerned about the child’s welfare, a bank employee approached Woods the next morning, on March 5. At that time, Woods was found sleeping on an exterior air conditioning unit, while her daughter was left in a nearby shopping cart without any blankets.

When the bank employee offered assistance, Woods allegedly demanded money. However, when her demand was not met, the employee kindly offered to purchase items for Woods and her daughter. This gesture seemed to infuriate Woods, leading her to throw her child, as reported by the outlet. Later that day, Woods returned to the bank and placed her child on the ground, who immediately began crawling towards traffic.

The concerned bank employee intervened, picking up the child to prevent any harm. Shockingly, Woods then asked the employee if she wanted to buy her daughter, offering to sell the child for $500. When the employee refused, Woods callously walked away, leaving her daughter behind. The employee promptly brought the toddler inside the bank, ensuring her safety, and immediately reported Woods’ appalling behavior to the police.

Following the incident, officers took custody of the child until the Department of Children and Families arrived. The child has since been placed in foster care. Subsequently, an investigation led to the issuance of an arrest warrant for Woods, charging her with child abuse, child neglect, and abandonment of a child.

On March 7, Woods was located and taken into custody. Jail records indicate that she has been charged with six felony charges, including Selling or Surrendering a minor for money or property, Unlawful Desertion of a Child, Aggravated Child Abuse, and three counts of Abuse Child without Great Bodily Harm. Court records reveal that her bond has been set at $255,000.

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