Florida Man Recovers Stolen Rolls Royce with Help of Sky Banner

Florida Man Recovers Stolen Rolls Royce with Help of Sky Banner

Bob Benyo, a Florida resident, successfully recovered his wife’s stolen 2016 Rolls Royce with the assistance of his sky banner business. The Twilight Purple Rolls Royce Wraith, estimated to be one of only six in the country, was stolen from their garage on September 21. Benyo took matters into his own hands by using his company, Aerial Banners, to display a sky banner offering a reward for tips leading to the car’s recovery.

The banner, which read “Stolen Purple Rolls-Royce Reward” along with a contact number, garnered significant attention. Benyo received a total of 310 calls and messages, with approximately 100 of them providing legitimate tips about sightings of the stolen vehicle. After days of searching and negotiating with the thieves, Benyo received a tip that led him to an Airbnb in Fort Lauderdale, where the car was found parked outside a window.

The car is currently undergoing repairs for minor damages, and new keys are being made. Law enforcement is actively pursuing the suspects, and Benyo expressed confidence that arrests will be made soon. Benyo and his family are relieved to have the car back and are taking additional precautions to ensure its security.


Author: CrimeDoor

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