Florida Man Arrested for Taunting Disabled Individual at Disney World Restaurant

A Florida man, Brent George, 61, was arrested after allegedly taunting a girl with Down Syndrome at Belle Vue Lounge, located inside Disney’s Boardwalk Inn in Florida. The incident, which occurred in January, escalated into a scuffle involving the girl’s family members.

According to the complaint, George approached a table of four individuals, where he proceeded to mock the girl with Down Syndrome. Candance Boyette Goldberg, the girl’s mother, confronted George and demanded an explanation for his behavior. George allegedly responded by shoving Goldberg twice. When Maria Ayalde, the daughter-in-law of Goldberg, attempted to defuse the situation, George reportedly slapped her in the face. In response, Wesley Goldberg, Ayalde’s husband, punched George in the neck.

As the altercation unfolded, a bystander intervened and restrained George in a bear hug, attempting to remove him from the restaurant. George claimed to have been struck by a glass cup during the fight, a statement supported by a witness. However, no glass was found at the scene, casting doubt on George’s account.

Prior to the incident, George and his wife, along with two friends, had been drinking at the bar. George claimed to have been enjoying his time with the family before they allegedly attacked him. Despite his request to press charges against the family, George declined to provide a statement to the police. On the other hand, the family members provided written statements and expressed their desire to pursue legal action.

Following his arrest, George was charged with four counts of battery and spent the night in Orange County Jail. His wife, Marla George, posted his $4,000 bond the following day. George has pleaded not guilty, as indicated by court documents.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. While it is certainly disheartening to hear about incidents of individuals taunting and mistreating others, it is important to remember that this is an isolated case and should not be used to generalize the behavior of an entire state or community. It is unfair to label Florida as a place where such incidents are more likely to occur, as unfortunate incidents like this can happen anywhere.

    Furthermore, it is crucial to recognize that the actions of one individual do not reflect the values or attitudes of an entire establishment or organization

  2. This incident can be likened to a dark cloud overshadowing the sunny skies of Disney World. Just as the cloud disrupts the beauty and joy of the surroundings, the actions of Brent George cast a shadow on the innocence and happiness of the young girl with Down Syndrome.

  3. This is such a disturbing incident. It’s important to raise awareness about such acts of cruelty and advocate for justice. I would be more than willing to share this post on my social media platforms to help spread the word and promote awareness about the incident. Let’s work together to ensure that everyone understands the importance of treating others with kindness and respect.

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