Florida Man Arrested After High-Speed Chase and Crash

In the early hours of October 15, Marion County deputies pursued a vehicle driven by Tyler Fayconsolo after observing him depart a Circle K on SE Maricamp Road at high speeds. According to authorities, Fayconsolo proceeded to run a red light and displayed erratic driving patterns. When officers attempted a traffic stop, Fayconsolo did not comply.

Dash camera footage captured Fayconsolo’s vehicle weaving dangerously in and out of traffic, crossing onto the wrong side of the road multiple times in an attempt to evade officers. The footage also showed him running a red light and making abrupt turns onto side streets.

In an effort to halt Fayconsolo, deputies deployed stop sticks, which punctured his vehicle’s tires. Despite the damage, Fayconsolo continued driving until crashing into a fence in a residential backyard. The video then depicted him breaking one of his car windows and subsequently exiting the vehicle by tumbling onto the ground. He then attempted to escape by jumping over a nearby fence.

Fayconsolo was later apprehended and has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, aggravated fleeing resulting in injury or damage, and resisting arrest without violence.

Author: CrimeDoor

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