Florida Governor DeSantis Suspends Orlando’s Top Prosecutor, Raises Contention in 2024 Presidential Race

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has once again exercised his executive power by suspending Orlando’s top prosecutor, State Attorney Monique Worrell, amid a politically charged situation that has implications for the 2024 presidential race. This marks the second time Governor DeSantis, a Republican, has removed a Democratic state attorney. This time, following an investigation into a tragic incident involving the fatal shooting of a television reporter and a nine-year-old girl.

During a press conference held in Tallahassee, Governor DeSantis emphasized his duty to ensure that laws enacted by the Legislature are adhered to. He cited reasons for the suspension, including allegations that Worrell had failed to hold Keith Moses accountable, a 19-year-old charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Dylan Lyons, Nathacha Augustin, and T’yonna Major. Worrell was also accused of being lenient in cases involving gun crimes, drug trafficking, and child pornography.

Worrell, who plans to seek re-election next year, has expressed her belief that her removal is politically motivated and not based on her performance as a state attorney. She suggested that the timing of the suspension was an attempt by DeSantis to divert attention from his struggling presidential campaign, which has faced personnel changes and layoffs. Worrell alluded to DeSantis replacing his campaign manager the day before her suspension.

In response to these allegations, DeSantis’ office launched an investigation into Worrell’s handling of cases, specifically focusing on instances where juveniles were given lenient sentencing or avoided serious charges. The governor also highlighted that just days before the suspension, two Orlando police officers were shot by a 28-year-old man with a lengthy criminal history.

The Democratic party has condemned Worrell’s suspension as politically motivated, noting that she is the only Black woman in Florida elected as a state attorney. Democratic Representative Anna Eskamani described the governor’s actions as “a complete slap in the face” to the residents of Orange and Osceola counties, expressing concerns over DeSantis eroding local control and democracy.

Previously, DeSantis had removed State Attorney Andrew Warren, a Democrat from Tampa, citing disputes over his stance on criminal charges related to abortion and gender transition treatments, as well as policies concerning low-level offenses. The governor appointed Republican Andrew Bain, a former assistant state attorney in Orlando and current Orange County judge, to replace Worrell.

Bain, outlining his vision for the position, stated that their primary duty is to prosecute crimes and hold individuals accountable under the law. While Worrell expressed respect for Bain’s appointment, she emphasized that the more significant issue lies with removing elected officials for political purposes.


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