Florida Couple Arrested for Attempting to Lure 9-Year-Old Girl into Van

Michael Diaz, 34, and Taiana Tersano, 31.

A Florida couple was arrested in Hollywood on allegations of trying to entice a 9-year-old girl into their van. Michael Diaz, 34, and Taiana Tersano, 31, faced charges following the incident on McKinley Street on November 3, as per the Hollywood Police Department’s arrest affidavit.

The episode reportedly occurred shortly before 4:30 p.m., when a mother reported that a van with a man, woman, and a small child attempted to lure her daughter, who was playing in their front yard. Tersano, after lowering her window, spoke to the girl, prompting her to run indoors, frightened.

The girl’s mother witnessed Tersano’s attempt to approach her daughter but was intercepted by the boyfriend of the girl’s mother. Tersano allegedly threatened the family, stating, “I’m going to come back and kill all of you.”

A witness at a nearby stop sign confirmed seeing the events unfold. The mother’s boyfriend, present in his car, tried to diffuse the situation, resulting in Tersano spitting on and punching him. Diaz reportedly urged Tersano to “Grab the f—— kid.” In self-defense, the boyfriend struck Tersano, who then retreated to the van with Diaz and fled the scene.

Police, acting on the couple’s description, later stopped the van. Inside, officers found the couple’s 7-year-old child amidst loose mechanical tools. Child protective investigators took custody of the child.

During the traffic stop, Tersano attempted to flee from the patrol car and resisted arrest, assaulting an officer in the process. Diaz and Tersano were both charged with luring/enticing a child under 12 and causing a child to become delinquent. Tersano faces additional counts of resisting an officer with violence. They are currently being held in the Broward County Jail.

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