Florida Brothers Charged with Kidnapping and Torture in Case of Mistaken Identity

Florida Brothers Charged with Kidnapping and Torture in Case of Mistaken Identity

Two brothers from Florida, Jeffry and Jonathan Arista, along with a third man, Raymond Gomez, have been charged with federal kidnapping following a series of unexpected events that unfolded when they mistakenly abducted the wrong individual in Plantation, Florida.

According to court documents made public on Tuesday, on October 13, a man exiting his apartment was confronted by the three suspects, who showed a firearm and forced him into a black car with police lights. Once inside the vehicle, the kidnappers realized they had the wrong person after checking his identification. However, they didn’t release the man. Instead, they demanded information about a coworker’s car and the whereabouts of some money their actual target allegedly owed them. As part of their intimidation techniques, they threatened the victim with an electric drill and firearms.

Later, in an Airbnb property, the kidnappers subjected the man to a simulated waterboarding technique, pouring water on his head. Recognizing their error but still seeking their intended victim, the kidnappers forced their captive to lure the correct person by making a phone call to him.

To prompt swift police intervention, the victim phoned in a bomb threat at his coworker’s business on October 14. When law enforcement arrived at the scene, the victim pointed out one of the alleged kidnappers who was filming him from a distance.

The subsequent investigation led to the arrest of Gomez, who reportedly confessed to the mistaken kidnapping. Jeffry and Jonathan Arista had their initial court appearances regarding the kidnapping charges on Monday, while Gomez has not yet been presented in court.

The three suspects could face life imprisonment if convicted.

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