Flight Attendants Accused of Smuggling $8 Million in Drug Money Through JFK Airport

Flight Attendants Accused of Smuggling  Million in Drug Money Through JFK Airport

A group of commercial airline flight attendants has been charged with using their security clearance to smuggle a staggering $8 million in drug money through JFK International Airport. The accused individuals took advantage of lighter security restrictions at the Queens travel hub, exploiting their privileges as airline employees to funnel the illicit cash through airport checkpoints. The revelations came to light following the unsealing of a pair of federal indictments by the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York.

According to US Attorney Damian Williams, the flight attendants engaged in this criminal enterprise for several years, transporting the money from the United States to the Dominican Republic. The suspects, identified as Jarol Fabio, Emmanuel Torres, Sarah Valerio Pujols, and Charlie Fernandez, worked for different international commercial airlines, although the specific carriers were not disclosed. All four individuals operated on routes to the Dominican Republic, capitalizing on the more relaxed security measures for airline employees to execute their scheme.

The flight attendants allegedly received compensation, typically a portion of the drug money, for their role as couriers. Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, they would pass the cash to their drug trafficking contacts. The investigation, led by the US Homeland Security Investigations’ El Dorado Task Force and the US Attorney’s Office, relied on confidential informants to uncover the years-long operation.

Special Agent in Charge Ivan Arvelo of Homeland Security New York emphasized the significance of this case, stating that it exposed critical vulnerabilities within the airline security industry and shed light on the methods employed by narcotics traffickers. Arvelo warned all airline personnel that attempts to abuse their power for illicit purposes would not be tolerated.

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