Five Family Members Found Dead in Ohio Home

Five Family Members Found Dead in Ohio Home

Police performing a welfare check discovered the lifeless bodies of five family members, including three children, inside a residence in Uniontown, Ohio. The deceased have been identified as Jason Dunham (46), Melissa Dunham (42), Renee Dunham (15), Amber Dunham (12), and Evan Dunham (9). Authorities believe this tragic incident stemmed from a domestic dispute that escalated into a quadruple homicide-suicide. The Uniontown Police Department is currently investigating the case and does not suspect the involvement of any other individuals. The weapon used in the shooting was Jason Dunham’s handgun, but it remains unknown who fired the shots. Both parents possessed concealed carry permits. The request for the welfare check and its motive have not been confirmed by the police. However, a coworker of Melissa Dunham stated that she contacted authorities after not hearing from her for two days. A neighbor expressed concern over the family’s recent tendency to spend more time indoors and described Jason Dunham as a kind but controlling individual. The Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation assisted in collecting and documenting evidence at the scene.


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