FedEx Driver Fired After Reporting Shooting Incident in Mississippi

FedEx Driver Fired After Reporting Shooting Incident in Mississippi

FedEx has terminated the employment of D’Monterrio Gibson, a former delivery driver who reported being shot at and chased by two White men in Brookhaven, Mississippi. Gibson and his attorney, Carlos Moore, confirmed the termination after Gibson received an email from FedEx about his dismissal. The company’s manager of global network communications, Meredith Miller, confirmed Gibson’s termination but did not provide further details.

Gibson had reported the incident to the police in January 2022, stating that he was shot at and pursued by two individuals while making deliveries. However, a mistrial was declared in August due to police errors, including the failure to provide a copy of a videotaped police interview with Gibson to the prosecution and defense attorneys.

According to Moore, FedEx fired Gibson because he declined a part-time, non-courier job offer in mid-July. It is unclear whether the company set a deadline for Gibson to accept the offer. Gibson expressed his frustration, stating that the company cannot dictate when he should be ready to return to work.

Gibson has been on worker’s compensation leave since reporting the incident, receiving approximately one-third of his pay. He has sought therapy to cope with anxiety resulting from the incident and continues to experience trouble sleeping.

Brandon Case and his father, Gregory Case, are facing charges of attempted first-degree murder, conspiracy, and shooting into Gibson’s vehicle. Prosecutors intend to schedule a new trial for the defendants, who are currently out on bond. However, the court’s docket is reportedly full until December.

Gibson’s attorney plans to file a new civil lawsuit in state court seeking $10 million in damages. A federal judge previously dismissed Gibson’s $5 million lawsuit against FedEx, the city of Brookhaven, the police chief, and the Cases, citing a failure to prove racial discrimination.

The alleged incident has sparked social media complaints of racism in Brookhaven, located approximately 55 miles south of Jackson, the state capital.

FedEx previously expressed shock and emphasized the importance of its employees’ safety, pledging to support Gibson and cooperate with investigating authorities.


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