Federal Prosecutors Charge Three in Elaborate Massachusetts and Virginia Sex Trafficking Operation

Federal authorities announce three arrests after a multiyear investigation of high-end brothels.

Federal prosecutors announced charges against three individuals allegedly involved in operating an elaborate commercial sex trafficking network across Massachusetts and eastern Virginia. The ring reportedly targeted affluent clients, including government and military personnel.

The trio accused includes Han “Hana” Lee, 41, of Cambridge, Massachusetts; James Lee, 68, of Torrance, California; and Junmyung Lee, 30, of Dedham, Massachusetts. They face conspiracy charges related to coercing and enticing travel for illegal sexual activity.

Websites purporting to showcase nude Asian models for photography sessions were allegedly fronts for the operation, according to authorities. High-end apartments, with rents up to $3,660 a month, were reportedly utilized as brothels. Additionally, a client review website was also cited by prosecutors.

Acting Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Josh Levy highlighted the ring’s foundation of secrecy and exclusivity, serving clients with substantial connections and means. Levy also emphasized the ongoing nature of the investigation, promising to pursue accountability for all involved, both operators and patrons.

The clientele potentially included individuals from various professional fields, all possessing significant stature in their respective domains.

The defense for Han Lee has refrained from commenting, while attempts to reach representatives for Junmyung Lee and James Lee have been made.

Investigative methods included surveillance and the examination of phone records, leading to the identification of sex buyers. Around 20 clients were interviewed, revealing operational details of the ring. One such detail described a process of pre-clearance for services that was likened to TSA PreCheck.

Court documents allege that Han and Junmyung Lee were primarily responsible for the management of the Massachusetts brothels, with Han Lee also overseeing the Virginia operations. These tasks encompassed the coordination of women’s transport and the collection of earnings. Prosecutors also assert that James Lee was involved in leasing properties for the organization in both Massachusetts and Virginia.

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