Federal Lawmakers Launch Inquiry into Alleged Rape at Migrant Shelter in Rockland, Massachusetts

Federal Lawmakers Launch Inquiry into Alleged Rape at Migrant Shelter in Rockland, Massachusetts

Federal lawmakers, led by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, have initiated a national inquiry into an alleged rape that occurred at a migrant shelter in Rockland, Massachusetts. The incident involved a 15-year-old victim and the arrest of Cory Alvarez, a 26-year-old migrant from Haiti. Alvarez was apprehended at the Comfort Inn in Rockland on Wednesday night, as confirmed by the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office. Initially charged with the rape of a child with a significant age difference, Alvarez now faces an additional felony charge of rape of a child with force, which was added on Monday.

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey acknowledged that Alvarez entered the country through a federal program and passed two background checks. While she did not specify the exact program, Rep. Jordan and Rep. Tom McClintock, chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement, wrote a letter to Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, urging oversight of federal immigration policies and procedures. The lawmakers’ letter mentioned Alvarez’s participation in the Processes for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans, a program that allows individuals who meet specific criteria, including passing a background check and having local financial support, to immigrate to the United States for a two-year period under “humanitarian parole.” Each month, a limited number of individuals from these countries, which are experiencing unrest and violence, are admitted into the United States.

Criticism has been directed towards Mayorkas and the Biden Administration for their use of humanitarian parole authority, including previous concerns raised by House Republicans. Reps. Jordan and McClintock have requested Alvarez’s case history, information regarding his entries into the United States, and details about his financial support. They have set an April 2 deadline for Secretary Mayorkas to provide this information.

In their letter, Reps. Jordan and McClintock emphasized that criminal aliens exploit vulnerabilities in the nation’s immigration system, posing a threat to the safety of individuals residing in the United States. They further criticized the Biden Administration’s border and immigration policies, asserting that they increase the likelihood of criminal aliens successfully entering and remaining in the country.

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