Federal Judge Orders Release of Rapper Kodak Black Following Dismissal of Drug Possession Charge

A federal judge has ruled in favor of the release of Florida rapper Kodak Black, also known as Bill Kapri, following the dismissal of a drug possession charge by a Broward County judge. The rapper had been in custody for two months after being arrested on December 7, 2022, on allegations of drug possession in Broward County.

Kapri’s arrest occurred when Florida police found him asleep in his black Bentley in a neighboring community of Fort Lauderdale. Initially, an officer claimed that the powder recovered from Kapri’s possession tested positive for cocaine. However, subsequent lab testing revealed that it was actually oxycodone. Kapri’s defense team presented evidence of a valid prescription for oxycodone, leading to the dismissal of the drug possession charge on February 9.

Despite the dismissal, Kapri was not immediately released due to the revocation of his bond in a separate 2022 Florida case involving trafficking in oxycodone. Additionally, questions arose regarding his federal supervision after former President Donald Trump commuted his three-year federal prison sentence for falsifying documents in a firearms purchase.

Last week, a Broward County judge reinstated Kapri’s bond on his pending state charges, clearing the way for his potential release. On Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge Jose E. Martinez ruled that Kapri had violated the terms of his supervised release but would be credited with “time served.” The violation pertained to Kapri’s failure to report his state police contact. As a result, he was sentenced to the 58 days he had already spent in custody.

Kapri’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, expressed satisfaction with the resolution, highlighting the judge’s concerns about prescription drug use and the importance of seeking help when needed. Cohen also emphasized the judge’s recognition of Kapri’s community work. However, the judge emphasized the need for Kapri to avoid self-harm and to seek necessary assistance.

While Kapri is now set to be released, he still faces prosecution in the 2022 trafficking case in Broward County and a tampering charge related to his December arrest. His legal team is pursuing dismissals in both cases, arguing mishandling of evidence and questioning the validity of the tampering charge given the underlying possession charge’s dismissal.

The arrest report from December 7, obtained by Rolling Stone, revealed that Kapri had informed the police officer that the white substance found in his possession was Percocet. However, the officer’s report stated that the substance had tested positive for cocaine. Subsequent lab tests disproved this, leading to the charge of illegal oxycodone possession, which was ultimately rejected.

Cohen has expressed his intention to request an internal investigation into the officer’s conduct and testimony, citing concerns about negligence, incompetence, or dishonesty.

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