Federal Judge Dismisses Donald Trump’s Counter Defamation Lawsuit Against E. Jean Carroll

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Former President Donald Trump received another legal setback as a federal judge dismissed his counter defamation lawsuit against writer E. Jean Carroll. In a ruling by Judge Lewis Kaplan, it was determined that Trump failed to prove that Carroll’s statements made on CNN, wherein she accused him of sexual abuse and defamation, were false or not substantially true.

The lawsuit was based on Carroll’s response to questions about the verdict finding Trump guilty of sexually abusing her, though not meeting the legal definition of rape under New York law as she had alleged. When asked if Trump had raped her, Carroll responded with an unequivocal “Oh, yes he did.” In his decision, Judge Kaplan cited the jury’s finding that Trump had digitally raped Carroll, establishing the substantial truth of her allegations.

Furthermore, the judge rejected Trump’s request for a new trial, paving the way for a trial to proceed in January 2024 for another defamation lawsuit filed by Carroll in 2019 related to statements Trump made during his presidency. The ongoing legal battle resulted in a $5 million award to Carroll in May, which Trump has contested through appeals and other legal challenges.

Carroll’s attorney, Robbie Kaplan, expressed her client’s satisfaction with the court’s decision and the prospect of receiving the awarded damages. She also emphasized Carroll’s determination to continue holding Trump accountable for his actions during the forthcoming trial.

While the trial takes place amidst the bustling presidential primary season, Trump also faces the additional challenge of defending against three criminal indictments. The former president’s attorney, Alina Habba, expressed disagreement with the judge’s decision and stated their intention to file an appeal promptly.

The unfolding events have captivated the public’s attention, particularly due to their connection to high-profile figures and the serious accusations involved. This article highlights the latest update in the ongoing legal battle between Donald Trump and E. Jean Carroll, shedding light on the ramifications for both parties involved.

Please note that the tone of this article is professional, presenting the facts as they stand without any biased commentary.

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