Federal Investigators Use Viral Photo to Keep Felon Boyfriend in Custody

Federal Investigators Use Viral Photo to Keep Felon Boyfriend in Custody

Federal investigators are using a viral photograph of a woman brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle in San Francisco to keep her boyfriend, Christopher Gonzalez Nunez, in custody. The photo, released by San Francisco police in the summer of 2021, captured the woman and a Cadillac driver allegedly participating in an illegal sideshow on Barneveld Avenue and McKinnon Avenue.

According to court documents filed by the United States Attorney’s Office, Nunez, a 26-year-old felon and member of the San Francisco Mission District Nortenos, is the woman’s “significant other.” Prosecutors state that Nunez has a history of gang participation, gun possession and manufacturing, and reckless driving.

Earlier this summer, the FBI raided Nunez’s residence on Woodroe Avenue in Hayward, where they seized multiple illegal firearms, ammunition, and gun assembly tools. Among the items found in Nunez’s backpack were a 9mm handgun, an unserialized AR-15 style pistol, an unserialized Glock-style handgun, three AR-style 30-round magazines, and extended magazines.

Nunez, who has a history of participating in sideshows, was arrested and charged with federal firearms crimes. The viral photograph, in which the woman is seen wielding an AK-47, was taken while Nunez drove the vehicle. Prosecutors note that the car matches one owned by Nunez at the time, and he was tagged in photos from the incident on Instagram.

The woman’s identity was not disclosed in the court documents, but prosecutors indicate that they are aware of her criminal history, which includes a battery conviction, arrest for assault causing great bodily injury, robbery, and domestic violence.

On August 18, prosecutors filed a motion requesting that U.S. Judge Donna Ryu keep Nunez in custody, citing his dangerous nature. They argue that his past gang conduct, combined with his continued possession, assembly, and apparent distribution of firearms, including untraceable ghost guns, poses an unmitigable danger to the public.

The case remains ongoing as Nunez awaits trial.

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