Federal Investigation into Death of Ronald Greene Remains Open and Unresolved, Leaving Family in Anguish

Federal Investigation into Death of Ronald Greene Remains Open and Unresolved, Leaving Family in Anguish

The federal investigation into the death of Ronald Greene, a Black motorist who was fatally arrested by Louisiana State Police troopers, has remained open and unresolved for five years, leaving his family in anguish. Despite the swift resolution of other major civil rights cases across the country, including the charges brought against the officers involved in the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, the case of Ronald Greene has yet to see any significant progress.

Mona Hardin, Greene’s mother, has been waiting for justice since her son’s death on May 10, 2019. The case gained national attention after The Associated Press published suppressed body-camera footage showing white troopers stunning, beating, and dragging Greene while he pleaded for mercy. However, the Justice Department has not provided any updates on the ongoing investigation, leaving Hardin feeling ghosted and forgotten.

The federal investigation has faced numerous delays and uncertainties. Initially, prosecutors wavered on whether to bring charges, despite assuring Greene’s family that an exhaustive FBI investigation would lead to some form of accountability. The focus of the investigation shifted from the troopers directly involved in Greene’s arrest to state police brass suspected of obstructing justice. Local District Attorney John Belton was asked to hold off on bringing state charges until the federal investigation was complete, but this decision was later reversed.

In late 2022, a state grand jury indicted five officers on various charges, including negligent homicide and malfeasance. However, charges remain against only two officers, with a trial scheduled for later this year for a senior trooper seen on video dragging Greene facedown by his ankle shackles.

The initial explanation provided by state police, blaming Greene’s death on a crash following a high-speed chase, was called into question by photographs of Greene’s bruised face and a hospital report noting stun gun prongs in his back. The release of the graphic body-camera video further debunked the crash narrative and revealed the excessive force used by the troopers.

The untimely death of trooper Chris Hollingsworth, who was seen repeatedly striking Greene in the head with a flashlight, has posed a significant hurdle to federal charges. Hollingsworth died in a single-vehicle crash in 2020, shortly after being informed that he would be fired over his actions in Greene’s death.

Another challenge for prosecutors has been proving that the troopers acted “willfully” in their abuse of Greene, a crucial element in civil rights charges. The Justice Department has also been conducting a broader investigation into the use of force by the Louisiana State Police and potential racially discriminatory policing practices.

While the federal investigation remains ongoing, Greene’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit seeking damages from the officers involved. However, the civil case has been put on hold until the criminal proceedings conclude.

Mona Hardin, determined to seek justice for her son, has called on the state of Louisiana to address the initial cover-up and make amends. The case has sparked outrage among activists, who gathered outside the Union Parish Courthouse to demand accountability and an end to racially biased policing.

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  1. I can’t help but feel deeply saddened by the unresolved investigation into Ronald Greene’s death. It’s disheartening to see a case like this linger for so long, causing immense pain and anguish for his family. I would love to hear more about the specific challenges or obstacles that have prevented the resolution of this investigation. Is there any information on why it has taken five years without any concrete answers or justice for Ronald Greene?

  2. This post sheds light on a deeply troubling and unresolved case. It is commendable that you are bringing attention to the federal investigation into Ronald Greene’s death. It is crucial to continue advocating for justice and holding law enforcement accountable. However, it would be helpful to provide more context or updates on the investigation’s progress, if available, to keep readers informed.

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