FBI Probing Texas Sheriff Over Misconduct Allegations and Handling of Mass Homicide Case

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is examining allegations of misconduct against San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers, following a series of complaints from within his department and the community, which gained momentum after his agency’s handling of a mass shooting. Jenifer Jones, who has lost her brother in a murder that remains controversially unresolved, stated that she has met with FBI agents to discuss her concerns about Sheriff Capers’ handling of the case.

Jones has met with federal agents on two separate occasions, providing them with documents alleging a pattern of misconduct by Sheriff Capers and his staff. The interviews reportedly delved into the potential civil rights violations, extending beyond the specific circumstances of her brother’s death. The depth of the federal agents’ queries suggests a broad and active investigation, though the exact status and scope remain undisclosed.

The scrutiny by federal investigators follows an AP investigation that highlighted enduring accusations against Capers. Allegations include ignoring deputies’ wrongdoings and overlooking fundamental policing duties. Moreover, there are claims that Capers has focused on asset seizures to supplement his office’s budget, which have occasionally failed legal challenges.

While the extent and potential outcome of the FBI’s investigation are uncertain, and many such federal inquiries do not lead to charges, the agency’s involvement indicates serious consideration of the accusations. The FBI, maintaining its standard policy, neither acknowledged nor denied the existence of the investigation.

Sheriff Capers has not personally responded to inquiries for comment. However, Chief Deputy Tim Kean expressed that the sheriff’s office has not been contacted by the FBI but remains open to examination and is prepared to present their version of events if approached.

The federal probe comes after internal complaints made by staff members and in the wake of Sheriff Capers’ handling of a manhunt for a shooter who killed five individuals in San Jacinto County. Criticism arose not only concerning misinformation about the deputies’ response times during this incident but also from residents voicing unease with the sheriff’s overall conduct.

Jones’ interaction with the FBI suggests that there is a significant investigative interest in her information. According to Michelle Lee, a retired FBI agent, this level of engagement often signifies an active probe, which could continue discreetly for an extended period.

Seeking justice for her brother, John Wayne Dodge, who was shot dead in 2020, Jones contacted the FBI after observing increased scrutiny of Sheriff Capers. Although Dodge’s son was initially charged, the case was dismissed by prosecutors in 2022. Jones maintains another individual was involved and criticizes the sheriff’s office for inadequate investigation efforts.

San Jacinto County District Attorney Todd Dillon acknowledged that a grand jury had reviewed information regarding this other individual in 2020, but since taking office, he found no sufficient cause to proceed with the case against Dodge’s son.

In a pivotal meeting with FBI agents from Bryan, Texas, Jones provided a damning consultant’s report likening the sheriff’s office to organized crime, which was largely ignored by county officials even after its procurement at a steep cost.

Agents are said to be interested in cases where civil rights may have been violated, potentially setting a precedent for individuals in the county to seek external avenues for their grievances against the sheriff’s office.

Jones, adamant about advocating for the victims in her community, seeks to ensure that residents are aware of the FBI as a resource for reporting misconduct.

A law enforcement official confirmed the identity of the FBI agents Jones met with, underlining the authenticity of her claims and the ongoing nature of the federal inquiry.

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