FBI Agents Return to Upstate New York Horse Farms in Connection to Gambino Crime Family Investigation

FBI agents, accompanied by members of the New York State Police and NYPD, conducted a search at two upstate New York horse farms on Tuesday morning. The farms, located in Goshen and Campbell Hall, were previously raided by the FBI last year in connection to federal investigations into the Gambino crime family. Witnesses reported the presence of excavators, a police K9 unit, and a New York City medical examiner at the scene.

The farms, both owned by individuals with the surname DiLorenzo, were initially searched in November following a tip suggesting the presence of buried bodies. The recent search operation, led by agents from the FBI’s New York office, aims to uncover further evidence related to the ongoing investigation. However, it remains unclear if any significant findings were made during the search.

One of the farms, located in Campbell Hall, is currently owned by Viviane DiLorenzo, as per property records. The Goshen farm is under the ownership of GDLI LLC. Salvatore DiLorenzo, who shares the same surname as the former farm owner, was among the ten alleged associates of the Gambino crime family indicted in November. The indictment accuses them of employing violent tactics to gain control over the garbage hauling and demolition industry in New York City.

The charges against the defendants include racketeering conspiracy, extortion, witness retaliation, fraud, and embezzlement. The indictment details various criminal acts, such as a brutal hammer attack that left a man hospitalized, threats to dismember a business owner, and an attempted arson at a restaurant. If convicted, the defendants could face sentences ranging from 20 to 180 years in prison.

The FBI spokesperson confirmed the presence of agents at the two addresses but refrained from providing further details regarding the ongoing investigation. The search operation signifies the authorities’ continued efforts to gather evidence and build a strong case against the alleged members of the Gambino crime family.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. It’s interesting to see the collaboration between the FBI, New York State Police, and NYPD in conducting this search at the horse farms. It highlights the importance of interagency cooperation in law enforcement efforts. I wonder what led them to target these specific farms and what they are hoping to uncover. It’s always intriguing when investigations involve unexpected locations like horse farms, as it shows that criminal activity can occur in various settings. I hope that this search yields valuable information and helps in the pursuit of justice.

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