Fayetteville Man and Woman Arrested on Charges Related to Child Sexual Abuse

Fayetteville Man and Woman Arrested on Charges Related to Child Sexual Abuse

A Fayetteville man and woman were arrested in Washington County, Arkansas, on charges related to sexual abuse involving a child. Michael Henson, 51, was taken into custody on September 8 at 940 N Oakland Avenue in Fayetteville. According to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office, a 13-year-old male victim disclosed that Henson had been sexually abusing him since he was ten years old. The victim’s credibility was deemed high by an officer involved in the case.

During an interview at the Washington County Children’s Safety Center, the victim revealed that Henson had performed oral sex on him and that they had engaged in mutual masturbation since the victim was 10. Henson was read his rights and admitted to the sexual abuse acts. He was subsequently transported to the Washington County Detention Center and booked on one count of rape and three counts of second-degree sexual assault. Henson is currently held on a $250,000 bond.

Further investigation revealed that the victim had confided in a woman about the abuse over two months prior to the interview at the safety center. The woman admitted to being aware of the alleged abuse and had initially thrown Henson out of the house. However, she allowed him back in after two days, providing him continued access to the victim. The woman was arrested on September 8 on one count of permitting abuse of a minor and is being held on a $5,000 bond.

Both Henson and the woman have arraignments scheduled in Washington County on October 4. The case remains under investigation by local authorities.

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