Fans Involved in Brawls at Levi’s Stadium Face Potential Bans and Legal Consequences

Fans who were filmed fighting inside Levi’s Stadium during Thursday night’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants could potentially face bans from future events and legal consequences, according to statements from the stadium and the Santa Clara Police Department. Videos circulating on social media showed multiple spectators engaging in physical altercations during the game.

One video depicted a scuffle between two women, which escalated when a man holding a beer grabbed one of them by the hair and pulled her down the stairs. The man, along with another individual, proceeded to throw punches at a third man on the ground until a security guard intervened. Another video showed a brawl involving more than half a dozen people in a different section of the stadium, with one man seen kicking another in the chest while two others assaulted a third person.

In a joint statement, Levi’s Stadium and the Santa Clara Police Department expressed their zero-tolerance policy towards violence and emphasized their commitment to security and safety. The statement warned that anyone engaging in violence would be ejected from the stadium, potentially banned from future events, and could face legal consequences.

Lt. Mike Crescini of the Santa Clara Police Department reported that one of the brawls occurred around 6 p.m. and resulted in the arrest of an individual on suspicion of assault and battery. This incident marked the third violent episode at Levi’s Stadium this year, following fights during a game between the 49ers and the Denver Broncos on August 19 and a Gold Cup soccer match on July 2.

The Santa Clara Police Department encourages fans and spectators to remain vigilant and report any concerning behavior before it escalates into physical violence. They can contact stadium personnel by texting “support” to 573-549-HELP (4357).

Lt. Crescini emphasized the department’s desire to collaborate with fans, spectators, and Levi’s Stadium personnel to ensure a safe experience for everyone attending events at the stadium.


Author: CrimeDoor

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