Famous YouTuber’s Death Potentially Linked to South Korean Actress’ Suicide

Famous YouTuber’s Death Potentially Linked to South Korean Actress’ Suicide

Rumors have emerged suggesting a potential connection between the death of a famous YouTube entertainer and the suicide of South Korean actress Oh In-hye. An anonymous netizen claimed that former journalist Kim Yong-ho may have been responsible for the actress’ death in 2017, as they were rumored to have been in a seven-year relationship despite Yong-ho being married. However, these claims have not been independently verified.

In-hye gained attention in 2011 for wearing a bold dress at the Busan International Film Festival. It was during this time that Yong-ho allegedly started a romantic relationship with her. While they were together, Yong-ho introduced In-hye to influential individuals, including CEOs and agency representatives, who requested her “entertainment” services.

Eventually, In-hye met lawyer Heo Wang through Yong-ho’s YouTube channel. However, their relationship ended when In-hye discovered that Heo Wang had referred to her as “just a body” behind her back. In 2020, In-hye was found unconscious in her residence in Incheon and later passed away. She had posted a suicide note on social media, mentioning Heo Wang.

Yong-ho was found dead in a hotel in Busan. The cause and time of his death are still under investigation. Prior to his death, Yong-ho had been sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of probation for sexually harassing an unnamed woman in July 2019. He was also being investigated for allegedly extorting money from celebrities in exchange for not revealing negative content about them.

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