Family of Slain Teenager Hopes for Justice One Year After Shooting

Family of Slain Teenager Hopes for Justice One Year After Shooting

One year has passed since the tragic shooting that claimed the life of 16-year-old Luis Garcia, leaving his family grappling with the void left by his absence. The Garcia family, still mourning the loss of their beloved son, remains hopeful for justice. Santos Garcia, Luis’s father, expressed the profound impact of his son’s absence during a news conference held on the anniversary of the shooting. Recalling the last time he saw Luis on Super Bowl Sunday, Santos lamented the emptiness that now pervades their lives. The family no longer celebrates, avoids music that reminds them of Luis’s dancing and singing, and everything has changed for them.

In a glimmer of hope for closure and justice, the Denver Police Department has presented a case to the Denver District Attorney’s Office for consideration, according to the family’s attorney, Matthew Barringer. During the news conference, Barringer emphasized the Garcia family’s prayers and hopes that the district attorney’s office will take action. The past year has been incredibly difficult for the Garcia family, as they have had to come to terms with the fact that Luis will never be with them again.

While the Denver Police Department has made significant progress in the investigation, they have not yet formally filed the case with the district attorney’s office. A spokesperson for the police department stated that detectives have consulted with prosecutors regarding their findings but refrained from sharing any updates or suspect information to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation. The Denver District Attorney’s Office has not provided further details on the case at this time.

Following the shooting, two juveniles were arrested on separate charges, but the police have not linked them to the shooting itself. No other arrests have been announced since the day of the incident. The shooting, along with another incident involving a student a little over a month later, prompted Denver Public Schools to reintroduce school resource officers district-wide. While this move has been seen as a positive step towards enhancing school safety, Barringer believes it is still insufficient to address security concerns adequately.

Barringer’s office has interviewed individuals from various Denver Public Schools who claim that teachers and administrators are afraid to report assaults they experience at their schools. He criticized the district’s disciplinary matrix, suggesting that it may be targeted in a lawsuit. However, the lawsuit has not been filed yet to avoid impeding the ongoing criminal investigation by the Denver Police Department. DPS spokesman Scott Pribble acknowledged questions regarding Barringer’s allegations but did not provide an immediate response.

The Garcia family has accused DPS, district leaders, and the city of negligence in failing to protect students. The tragic events have shed light on ongoing issues related to school violence and student safety within the Denver Public Schools system. Barringer’s statements highlight the urgent need for improved procedures and support for teachers and students alike.


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  1. This post highlights the devastating impact of gun violence on families and communities. It serves as a reminder of the urgent need for stricter gun control measures to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future. By discussing real-life incidents like the shooting that took Luis Garcia’s life, we can raise awareness and advocate for policies that prioritize public safety and reduce the likelihood of similar incidents happening again. It is crucial for society to come together and address the issue of gun violence to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities

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