Explosive Discovery: Versailles Man Pleads Guilty in UK Hospital Incident

Bryan Carroll

Bryan Carroll, 46, from Versailles, has pleaded guilty to multiple charges relating to a 2021 incident at the University of Kentucky Hospital. Carroll, convicted of possessing firearms and explosives as a felon, admitted to his role in this alarming event.

The situation unfolded on March 25, 2021, when law enforcement received a tip-off about Carroll heading towards the UK Hospital while carrying dangerous weapons. Carroll, who had an active arrest warrant, was intercepted and detained outside the hospital’s Emergency Department. A thorough search of his person and vehicle revealed a concerning arsenal: eight firearms, including a sawed-off shotgun, four explosive devices, and an improvised explosive bomb.

During a subsequent interview, Carroll confessed to carrying the firearms and constructing the explosive devices found in his vehicle. He also informed the authorities about additional destructive devices stored at his home. This led to a search warrant execution at Carroll’s residence, where law enforcement discovered two more firearms and six improvised explosive bombs.

Carroll’s criminal history includes a prior felony conviction for drug trafficking, which legally barred him from possessing any firearms or explosives. He is now facing a substantial prison sentence, with a maximum of 10 years for the firearm charges and an additional consecutive 10 years for the explosive charge.

The investigation, led by ATF, FBI, Versailles and Lexington Police Departments, and the University of Kentucky Police Department, highlights the collaborative efforts in maintaining public safety and enforcing firearm regulations.

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