Expert Suggests $30 Million Cash Heist in Los Angeles Could Go Unsolved

A recent $30 million cash heist from a GardaWorld facility in Sylmar, Los Angeles has left experts speculating about the possibility of the crime going unsolved. Scott Selby, a Harvard-educated lawyer and co-author of the book “Flawless,” which delves into the famous Antwerp Diamond Heist, suggests that the criminals behind this meticulously executed operation possess significant prior experience. Selby compares their expertise to that of a world-class gymnast, emphasizing the extensive groundwork required to reach such a level.

The highly skilled thieves managed to infiltrate the warehouse through its roof, bypassing security measures and accessing a safe without triggering any alarms. Their haul, consisting of $30 million in cash, would have weighed approximately 660 pounds if in $100 bills, according to Selby. The fact that the criminals went unnoticed during the heist and left no obvious leads has raised concerns about the potential difficulty in solving the case.

Selby highlights the unique challenge posed by this particular crime, as stolen cash lacks the distinct characteristics that make stolen diamonds easily identifiable. Unlike a rare gem, a used $100 bill does not leave a lasting impression on the memory of those who come across it. This, coupled with the absence of compelling leads, increases the likelihood of the case remaining unsolved.

Regarding the possibility of an inside job, Selby suggests that if an insider provided key information to the thieves, it could indeed be classified as such. The LAPD and FBI face critical questions about the level of information required for the criminals to execute the heist successfully. Selby raises queries about the usual amount of cash stored at the facility, any specific vulnerabilities in the roof, and whether there was anything significant about Easter Sunday that made it an attractive target.

The GardaWorld heist draws comparisons to other notorious robberies in Los Angeles, including the unsolved theft of up to $100 million in jewels and valuables from an armored big rig in 2019. Selby believes that the current heist presents an even greater challenge for investigators, as the thieves can easily make the stolen cash disappear due to its nature as used bills collected from various sources.

Selby also recalls the 1972 United Bank robbery, which shares similarities with the GardaWorld heist in terms of the modus operandi. In both cases, the criminals entered through the roof, evaded alarms, and made off with the cash. However, the old bank heist was eventually solved due to a single mistake made by the perpetrators. Selby suggests that a similar slip-up, combined with advancements in touch DNA technology, could potentially aid in solving the current case.

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  1. There don’t appear to be any errors or inaccuracies in the post. The information about the $30 million cash heist from a GardaWorld facility in Sylmar, Los Angeles is accurate. However, since the post doesn’t provide any sources, it’s difficult to verify the information. To support the claim, here are some credible sources that reported on the incident:

    1. Los Angeles Times: “Thieves steal $30 million in cash from GardaWorld facility in Sylmar

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