Ex-Gov. David Paterson Calls for Accountability in Wake of Times Square Assault

Former New York Governor David Paterson has voiced his outrage over the recent assault on two NYPD officers in Times Square, calling it a scandal and demanding accountability from the government. Paterson, speaking on the “Cats Roundtable” radio show, criticized lenient border and crime policies, which he believes have contributed to the incident.

While Paterson did not mention specific politicians or authorities, his remarks seemed to target President Joe Biden, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Martinez Alonso. The three defendants involved in the assault were released on their own recognizance, despite the prosecutor’s office having the option to seek bail. Paterson argued that as non-American citizens, their criminal records from their home countries are unknown, raising concerns about public safety.

Paterson also criticized New York’s cashless bail law, which he believes was not appropriately applied in this case. The law, enacted in 2019 by former Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Democratic-run legislature, eliminated cash bail for most non-violent crimes. Paterson argued that bail should be used to ensure defendants appear in court, but in this instance, the defendants were released without a bail hearing, allowing them to flee to California.

Expressing frustration, Paterson suggested that the defendants should have been deported immediately. He emphasized the importance of prosecuting crimes and providing justice for victims, regardless of their background. Paterson highlighted the disrespectful gesture made by one of the released defendants upon their release, further adding insult to injury.

The incident occurred on a Saturday evening when NYPD officers asked a group of loitering migrants to disperse on West 42nd Street. The situation escalated, with the migrants attacking the officers, as captured on video. Seven individuals were charged in connection with the assault, and six are believed to have fled to California with the assistance of government-paid bus tickets for asylum-seekers.

While Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban issued a joint statement vowing to bring all responsible individuals to justice, Paterson expressed doubt that the defendants would ever be apprehended. He criticized the lack of identification and arrests of the most culpable individuals involved in the attack.

The incident has sparked a renewed debate on border policies, crime leniency, and the need for accountability within the criminal justice system. Paterson’s call for reform and his emphasis on the rights of crime victims have resonated with many who believe that stricter measures should be in place to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This incident highlights the importance of holding the government accountable for ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. It is crucial for the government to take immediate action in addressing such assaults on law enforcement officers to maintain public trust and confidence in the justice system. Additionally, this incident serves as a reminder of the need for increased police presence and security measures in crowded public areas like Times Square to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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