Ex-Antioch Officer Morteza Amiri Suffers Serious Injuries in Fall, Faces Federal Charges

Ex-Antioch Officer Morteza Amiri Suffers Serious Injuries in Fall, Faces Federal Charges

Former Antioch officer Morteza Amiri finds himself in a dire situation after sustaining severe injuries in a recent fall, leaving him confined to a wheelchair, according to court filings submitted by his lawyer. Amiri, a resident of Antioch, suffered a broken knee and a dislocated shoulder after falling from a ladder on January 12. These injuries have further complicated his legal predicament, as he faces federal charges in two separate cases.

In one case, Amiri stands accused, alongside two other officers, of conspiring to violate civil rights through the use of dog bites and less-lethal launchers. As a K9 officer, Amiri’s dog, Purcy, played a significant role in these alleged violations. The FBI and Contra Costa District Attorney initiated an investigation into Amiri’s actions in early 2022, prompted by a yet undisclosed incident.

Simultaneously, Amiri faces charges related to a scheme involving several Antioch and Pittsburg police officers. The scheme allegedly aimed to fraudulently obtain educational incentive pay bumps by cheating on college tests. The investigation into this matter began while Amiri was on leave following the initiation of the criminal investigation. During this period, Antioch police commanders seized and relocated Purcy, the K9 officer’s dog, as confirmed by multiple law enforcement sources.

Due to his recent injuries, Amiri has been granted the ability to appear remotely for hearings in his criminal cases. His lawyer emphasized that Amiri’s mobility is significantly limited, necessitating the use of a wheelchair for his daily activities.

Furthermore, Amiri has been implicated in a separate incident involving the exchange of racist texts with colleagues. The Contra Costa District Attorney’s office report reveals that Amiri sent numerous texts containing racist slurs.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Amiri’s situation continues to evolve, with his injuries adding a new layer of complexity to his defense. The former officer’s fall and subsequent confinement to a wheelchair have undoubtedly impacted his ability to navigate the legal process effectively.


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