Estranged Wife of South Carolina Pastor Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

Estranged Wife of South Carolina Pastor Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office has released new details surrounding the tragic death of Mica Miller, the estranged wife of South Carolina pastor John Paul Miller. Miller, who had accused her husband of abuse, called 911 on April 27 to ensure authorities could trace her phone to the location where she was found dead in a wooded area. The recorded audio of the call reveals that she expressed her intention to commit suicide.

During the call, Miller specifically requested the dispatcher to trace her phone’s location. She mentioned being at Lumber River State Park and provided her phone number. Miller also informed the dispatcher that she was sharing her location on her phone. The sheriff’s office confirmed that John Paul Miller and another woman he was allegedly involved with were not present in North Carolina on the night before or the day of Miller’s death. The pastor was attending an athletic event in Charleston, South Carolina, on the same day his spouse was discovered deceased.

The Robeson County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Miller’s death as a suicide caused by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In response to circulating conspiracy theories, the sheriff’s office emphasized that a thorough investigation was conducted by their Criminal Investigations Team and Crime Scene Investigative Team. Sheriff Burnis Wilkins stated that decisions were made based on the gathered evidence, which pointed to a clear and compelling conclusion. The authorities expressed their sadness over the incident.

During the search of the state park, deputies discovered a handgun in the water near the crime scene. The sheriff’s office also provided a timeline indicating that Miller left her house and purchased a gun before heading to the park. Prior to her death, Miller had reportedly expressed to her sister, Sierra Francis, that if she were ever found dead, her husband would be responsible, according to an affidavit filed in Horry County Probate Court.

Mica Miller and John Paul Miller had a history dating back to when she was around 14 or 15 years old and he was 28 or 29. Their case was going through the legal system as they were separated. Mica had alleged abuse by her partner, as stated in her sister’s affidavit. John Paul Miller, who married Mica in 2017, claimed that his wife suffered from mental illnesses.

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  1. It’s heartbreaking to hear about the tragic death of Mica Miller, especially considering the circumstances surrounding her estranged husband being a pastor. This incident sheds light on the fact that domestic violence can happen to anyone, regardless of their occupation or social status. It is crucial for society to address and tackle the issue of domestic violence more effectively, providing support and resources for victims to seek help and escape abusive situations. This case serves as a reminder that we need to be vigilant and proactive in recognizing the signs of

  2. What are the potential implications and challenges of investigating crimes involving individuals who hold positions of authority or influence, such as pastors or community leaders?

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