Eric Trump Testifies in Fraud Case, Trump Family Denies Wrongdoing as Court Adjourned for the Weekend

Eric Trump, son of former President Donald Trump, second from left

Eric Trump reappeared in a Manhattan court on Friday after a statement by the New York Attorney General’s Office deemed his prior testimony highly beneficial to the state’s fraud case against his family. This development followed Thursday’s session where Eric, alongside his brother Donald Trump Jr., minimized their roles in handling financial documents pivotal to the allegations against the Trump Organization.

The sitting judge has ruled that the Trumps and their company committed fraud, finding that they skewed financial statements to secure advantageous terms from banks and insurers. Attorney General Letitia James claims these actions illicitly netted the Trumps at least $250 million, a charge the defendants have categorically denied.

Central to the case are “statements of financial condition,” which allegedly overstate values of Trump holdings and personal wealth, influencing lending and insurance agreements. Eric Trump claimed limited engagement with these statements, which was called into question by pretrial deposition footage presented by James’ office that suggested otherwise.

Both Eric and Donald Trump Jr. directed responsibility toward the company’s accounting teams for any misstatements. Former President Donald Trump is slated to provide testimony next week, with Ivanka Trump following.

Tensions rose in the courtroom as lawyers debated the repetition of questions by the Attorney General’s counsel. Nevertheless, Andrew Amer, a special counsel for James, praised the evidentiary benefit of Eric Trump’s testimony.

In a separate matter, before Eric resumed his testimony, Trump’s attorney Chris Kise broached the possibility of a mistrial, citing a report alleging bias by the judge’s law clerk. This claim was met with skepticism from Judge Engoron and described as “not a serious complaint” by a court spokesperson.

Eric Trump acknowledged his signature on financial certifications to lenders based on his father’s financial condition statements, trusting their accuracy as affirmed by legal and financial advisers.

Eric also confirmed his involvement in a severance agreement with former CFO Allen Weisselberg but denied his father directed the decision. He disputed claims about Mar-a-Lago’s valuation, asserting it is a private residence despite evidence showing it is zoned and valued as a club.

As the proceedings adjourned until Monday, the anticipation for former President Trump’s testimony built, with the Attorney General’s Office indicating he would be the sole witness.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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