Employee’s Alert Prevents Potential Mass Shooting at Boone Saloon

In Boone, North Carolina, police officers thwarted a potential mass shooting at the Boone Saloon, thanks to a timely call from an employee and observant customers. The suspect, identified as Peter Gabaree, has been charged with going armed to the terror of the public and resisting arrest.

Upon arriving at the bar on King Street, officers found Gabaree holding a loaded Ruger P94 pistol. Earlier, Gabaree had been inside the Boone Saloon, where he consumed a beer before being asked to leave. The establishment’s owner, Skip Sinanian, recounted that two students noticed Gabaree by his pickup truck, searching for his wallet. They alerted the bar staff after observing he was armed.

Responding to the 911 call, police encountered Gabaree, who initially complied by putting down the pistol but subsequently resisted arrest. Law enforcement officers had to physically subdue him.

A subsequent search by the police revealed a tactical vest, a shotgun, the pistol, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in Gabaree’s possession. Boone Police Chief Andy Lebeau lauded the efforts of both the officers and the bar employee whose vigilance potentially saved many lives. He emphasized the importance of community awareness in preventing such tragedies.

Morgan Allison, a student residing across from the bar, expressed her gratitude for the quick actions of the individual who alerted the authorities. She acknowledged the dire potential consequences had the situation not been addressed promptly.

Gabaree is currently detained at the Watauga County detention center, with his bond set at $10,000. In response to the incident, police have confiscated all of his weapons.

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