Embattled Fulton County District Attorney Faces Public Outrage Over Misuse of Funds Probe

Embattled Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis faced a public hearing on Wednesday, where she was heavily criticized by residents for her alleged involvement in a misuse of funds probe. The investigation centers around her personal relationship with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor in Donald Trump’s election interference case. Court records reveal that Wade, who has earned $654,000 for his work on the Trump case, spent a portion of these funds on extravagant gifts and vacations with Willis.

During the public hearing, Kevin Muldowny expressed his frustration, calling Willis an “embarrassment” to the Atlanta community. He demanded her cooperation with requests for documents related to the misuse of funds investigation and criticized her for carrying on an adulterous relationship with an underqualified employee. Muldowny also highlighted Willis’ failure to respond to a direct request from a sitting commissioner for a full audit.

Willis has now admitted to having a “personal relationship” with Nathan Wade, further complicating the ongoing probe. Wade, who filed for divorce from his wife of 26 years on the same day he was appointed as a special prosecutor in 2021, is still awaiting a resolution in his divorce case. Trump’s legal team has sought to disqualify both Willis and Wade from the election interference case due to their relationship.

In a recent development, a House ally of former President Trump subpoenaed Willis in connection with allegations that she fired a whistleblower who attempted to expose the misuse of federal funds by a top campaign aide. These mounting legal challenges, along with lawsuits, congressional investigations, and subpoenas, have raised concerns among residents about Willis’ ability to fulfill her duties as a prosecutor.

Residents, including Julie Allen and Matt Roenzack, voiced their dissatisfaction with Willis during the public hearing. Allen accused Willis of prioritizing political interests over public safety and the rule of law, while Roenzack alleged rampant nepotism within the district attorney’s office. Roenzack pointed out that Willis’ chief investigator is married to her chief legal assistant, suggesting a lack of transparency and fairness.

The public hearing also witnessed criticism directed at Commissioner Natalie Hall, who was found guilty of sexually discriminating against her former chief of staff, Calvin Brock. A judge ordered the county to pay Brock approximately $900,000 in restitution. In response, a board member introduced a resolution to hold Hall accountable by deducting the funds from her office coffers.

Maria Godea, a resident who testified in person, expressed her support for holding Hall accountable for her financial crimes against taxpayers. Godea suggested that Hall’s paychecks be limited to $1 until complete restitution, including trial fees, is made. Godea further criticized Willis for failing to press charges against Hall, claiming her ineptitude in addressing the alleged felonies committed by the commissioner.

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