Elusive Fugitive Sebastián Marset Continues to Evade Authorities

Elusive Fugitive Sebastián Marset Continues to Evade Authorities

Sebastián Marset, one of the world’s most wanted fugitives, remains at large despite recent attempts by authorities to apprehend him. Marset, who is accused of being a transnational cocaine kingpin, has been the subject of rumors regarding his whereabouts. In late July, law enforcement officers tracked him to a luxurious house in Bolivia, where he had been living under a fake identity. However, Marset managed to escape once again, leaving authorities with only a taunting message denying the allegations against him.

Marset’s alleged involvement in a far-reaching cocaine smuggling and money laundering ring has garnered significant attention. He has been linked to various aliases, including “King of the South” and “Man of a Thousand Faces,” due to his ability to obtain fake identities and passports from different countries. Colombian President Gustavo Petro directly implicated Marset in the high-profile assassination of Paraguayan organized crime prosecutor Marcelo Pecci.

Following the failed capture in Bolivia, it became evident that Marset had been living openly in the city of Santa Cruz, engaging in real estate deals that were later deemed money laundering fronts. He even started a Bolivian soccer team, Los Leones El Torno F.C., and appeared in televised games wearing number 23. Despite his alleged role as a “broker” in the global cocaine trade, Marset has managed to largely evade justice.

Marset’s criminal activities date back to his early twenties when he faced drug-related charges in Uruguay. He spent approximately five years in prison before being released due to a clerical error. Subsequently, he was arrested in connection with a murder but was released when no charges were filed. Marset then began traveling under a Bolivian identity, Gabriel de Souza Beumer.

The extent of Marset’s rise in the international cocaine trade and his ability to evade capture at such a young age remain central questions. His criminal history and alleged connections with organized crime groups suggest a violent and elusive path. Despite ongoing efforts by authorities, Marset’s whereabouts remain unknown.


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