El Paso Community Sought to Identify Woman Linked to Credit Card Theft

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El Paso Police Department, in collaboration with Crime Stoppers of El Paso, has called upon the local community to aid in the identification of a woman connected to a concerning credit card theft incident. The woman in question was captured on surveillance footage utilizing a stolen credit card at the Murphy USA located on Zaragoza Road. Investigators strongly believe that this credit card was pilfered from a vehicle that fell victim to burglary at the Woodspring Suites on Gateway West on July 25th.

Descriptive details of the suspect include multiple tattoos adorning her arms and right leg, which serve as distinguishing features. Additionally, she was seen driving a distinctive green Kia Seltos. The authorities urge anyone who possesses information regarding her identity to promptly contact Crime Stoppers.

The El Paso community has always displayed immense resilience and unity when it comes to keeping their city safe. This joint effort between local law enforcement and vigilant citizens plays a vital role in preventing criminal activities and maintaining a secure environment for everyone.

By working together, the community can ensure that this woman is brought to justice swiftly. Any information, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can contribute to the resolution of this case. Let us continue to support the efforts of the El Paso Police Department and Crime Stoppers of El Paso by staying vigilant and sharing any knowledge that could aid in identifying the suspect.

Remember, anonymous tips can be shared with Crime Stoppers through their hotline. As always, the protection of the identity of those who provide information is of utmost importance. Let’s work hand in hand with law enforcement to ensure that El Paso remains a safe and tight-knit community for everyone.

Author: CrimeDoor

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