Edward Alvarado Gallegos Released from Prison After 31 Years for Attempted Murder of Singer Chalino Sanchez

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Image Credit: James Carbone

Edward Alvarado Gallegos, who attempted to kill singer Chalino Sanchez in 1992, has been released from prison after serving 31 years. Gallegos, in a drunken state, climbed onto the stage of a nightclub in Coachella and fired four shots at Chalino.

Chalino, famed for his corridos that depicted the lives of border smugglers, survived the attack. Yet, just four months later, he was found dead in Sinaloa, Mexico. The reasons behind Gallegos’s actions are debated, with speculations ranging from a mere drunken episode to being a hitman for someone Chalino had crossed.

Gallegos’s sentence ranged from 20 years to life, and he was eligible for parole in 2012. Released on May 9, 2023, there’s speculation he may face deportation to Mexico. Currently, Gallegos’s location remains a mystery, and attempts to contact him or his family have been unsuccessful.

The circumstances surrounding Chalino Sanchez’s death continue to intrigue and inspire numerous theories.


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