East Bay Man Charged with Gun Possession and Suspected Involvement in Robbery Crew

East Bay Man Charged with Gun Possession and Suspected Involvement in Robbery Crew

Federal prosecutors in Oakland have filed gun possession charges against Ray Gilbert, a 25-year-old East Bay man suspected of being involved in a robbery crew comprised of gang members. Gilbert was charged last month with being a felon in possession of a firearm, which was discovered during a search of an Oakland residence where he resided with two others. The search was prompted by a police investigation that focused on Gilbert’s Instagram posts, which featured images of him with guns, displaying cash, and making threats towards a rival gang.

In addition to the federal charges, Gilbert is also facing charges in four separate prosecutions in Alameda County. These include two parole violations, retail theft for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from East Bay stores, and firearms possession.

While prosecutors have cited Gilbert’s suspected involvement in the “Case Gang robbery crew” as a reason to keep him in jail, he has not been charged in connection with the armed robbery spree. A judge is set to rule on the motion to jail Gilbert at a court hearing on September 12.

Gilbert has been a major target of law enforcement in violent crime investigations since at least 2020. However, police have been unable to gather enough evidence to justify charging Gilbert or his associates with more serious offenses.

The Case Gang, with which Gilbert is described as at least an associate, has a long-standing rivalry with another gang known as Stubby/ENT. Oakland police investigators began monitoring Gilbert’s Instagram account, @Stains—3k0, and collected screenshots of pictures and videos that were later used to support the search of his home.

Authorities suspect Gilbert’s involvement in robberies dating back to March, including the robbery of a man who had won money at a Livermore casino and was followed home. Gilbert is also one of four men suspected in a string of armed robberies in Oakland in July and August.

The article also highlights alleged police misconduct in investigations related to the Case Gang and Stubby/ENT gangs. A task force investigation and wiretap operation called Operation Windstar, which focused on both gangs, was disrupted due to an Antioch officer’s alleged involvement in the racist texting scandal. The officer, Timothy Manly-Williams, now faces federal and state charges, along with several current and former Antioch and Pittsburg police officers.

In Alameda County, attempted murder charges against four suspected Case Gang members and associates were unexpectedly dropped. The defendants had been in jail since early 2021, but the case was dismissed in April 2023 without further explanation.


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