Drunken Driver Claims Language Barrier Despite Speaking English, Faces Multiple Charges

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A man, Machu Ilok Kimiuo, found himself in a whirlwind of trouble in Sinajana, Guam, as he faced a barrage of charges, including vehicular negligence and drunken driving.

According to official reports from the Guam Police Department, the chaotic series of events began at the Sinajana Mobil gas station. A courageous woman promptly contacted authorities after Kimiuo insisted on using her vehicle to head to McDonald’s. Unable to tolerate his demands, she endured physical assault when Kimiuo allegedly struck her on the side of her face. The woman and a young child managed to escape the volatile situation and promptly sought the assistance of law enforcement.

In a shocking twist of fate, shortly after this incident, another unsuspecting woman fell victim to Kimiuo’s reckless behavior. As she patiently waited at the red light at the intersection of Route 8 and 20, Kimiuo rear-ended her vehicle without warning. The impact resulted in both the woman and a minor passenger experiencing lower back pain, necessitating their immediate transport to Guam Memorial Hospital.

Officers on the scene were baffled when Kimiuo, who initially communicated in English, suddenly claimed not to understand the language. Seemingly oblivious to his own contradictions, he replied to the officers’ inquiries in English throughout their dialogue. Their senses, however, did not deceive them as they detected a strong odor of alcohol emanating from Kimiuo’s breath and person. Their discovery of multiple open bottles of beer on the vehicle’s floorboard further solidified their suspicions.

Consequently, Kimiuo was made aware of his rights under the Miranda warning and was informed of the indicators pointing towards his intoxication. However, he appeared to waver between accepting his fate and feigning ignorance, asking the officers if they intended to arrest him and even requesting to be taken to jail.

As the legal proceedings unfolded, it became apparent that Kimiuo would face serious charges. Vehicular negligence, driving while impaired, open container of alcohol, and family violence were among the counts levied against him. If convicted, these charges could result in a maximum prison sentence of eight years, according to the Office of the Attorney General.

During the magistrate’s hearing, Kimiuo’s fate hung in the balance as he was ordered confined on $5,000 cash bail. The legal system would soon determine whether he would face the consequences for his alleged actions.

In a community where safety and responsibility are of paramount importance, the Guam Police Department stands firm in its commitment to upholding law and order. The victims involved in these alarming incidents deserve justice, and it is essential that the legal process proceed with utmost diligence.

The case of Machu Ilok Kimiuo serves as a sobering reminder for all to remain vigilant on the roads and take responsibility for our actions. The consequences of negligence and intoxication, as demonstrated by this unfortunate series of events, can be catastrophic and life-altering, affecting not only the victims but also the perpetrator.

Only time will tell how this harrowing ordeal will unfold. As the wheels of justice turn, the community eagerly awaits a resolution that will bring closure and ensure the safety and peace of mind of its residents.

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