Driver Dies After Crashing into Pond During Police Pursuit in Plainfield

Plainfield police are currently investigating a deadly pursuit that ended with a driver crashing into a pond. The suspect died after emergency crews were unable to extract the person from the submerged car. The chase began when officers attempted to stop the driver for running a red light on Ronald Reagan. The pursuit continued after the suspect collided with another car at Ronald Reagan and East Main Street. It ultimately ended when the suspect’s car crashed into a pond off Girls School Road.

Numerous police and emergency responders surrounded the neighborhood on Moon Drive for several hours. Witnesses reported being startled as the car sped down the road, crashing through trees and into the pond. Despite immediate efforts by officers to save the suspect, they were unsuccessful in extracting the individual from the vehicle. Divers and fire crews continued rescue efforts, but the driver was pronounced dead. It remains unclear if anyone else was in the car.

Plainfield police expressed their deep sadness over the incident, stating that the pursuit would have ended if the driver had stopped. The department also mentioned that the driver had collided with another car after fleeing from the initial traffic violation. The investigation is ongoing, and the officers significantly involved in the incident will be placed on administrative leave. State police are also conducting their own investigation.


Author: CrimeDoor

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