Dramatic Police Chase Captured on Body-Worn Camera Footage

Gloucestershire Police has released gripping body-worn camera footage that documents a heart-pounding police chase incident involving a motorist and a police dog handler. The intense pursuit took place on January 24th, as PC Ben Smith from the former Rhodes policing unit was patrolling the Battle Down area of Cheltenham. Little did the fleeing driver know, he was about to encounter a formidable adversary.

The thrilling chase unfurled after PC Ben Smith spotted the motorist recklessly operating his vehicle while engaging with his mobile phone. However, for inexplicable reasons known only to the driver, he decided to defy authority and make a daring escape, all while having a faithful canine companion by his side.

As the footage commences, the audacious driver cunningly tries to elude PC Ben Smith. “Because you put that blue mobile phone through here as you go around the corner,” the officer calmly remarks. Unfortunately, the motorist’s attempt to deceive ends with an unsuccessful outcome, as the officer promptly catches sight of him with the mobile phone pressed to his ear. “Got ya!” exclaims PC Ben Smith, undeterred by the driver’s futile attempt.

The gripping pursuit sets off, and the officer provides an enthralling blow-by-blow account of the events. “Stand by, we got mail!” PC Ben Smith relays while the chase unfolds through various roads, encompassing Red Marley Road, Sainsbury’s, Cromwell Road, and more. The courageous officer notes the rapidly increasing speeds—”forty, thirty, eighty, ninety miles an hour!”—as the desperate driver overtakes multiple cars during the adrenaline-fueled chase.

At one point, tactical contact is made, signaling the courageous officer’s attempt to stop the fleeing motorist. However, undeterred by the situation, the defiant driver manages to extricate himself from PC Ben Smith’s clutches. The suspense in the air heightens as the officer reveals uncertainty regarding the direction the runaway motorist chooses to take.

The pursuit continues with the driver displaying an unwavering refusal to surrender to authority. Recognizing the escalating danger and the need for swift action, PC Ben Smith decides to deploy his taser to finally bring the relentless driver into custody. Unfortunately, Gloucestershire Police did not release the footage of this exact moment or the events leading up to the daring driver entering his vehicle with the dog still present.

The astonishing escape attempt reached nerve-racking speeds of over 100 miles per hour, as the driver desperately tried to evade apprehension. Eventually, his audacious bid to escape ended in his arrest on suspicion of dangerous driving. The driver was released on police bail while further investigations take place.

This heart-stopping police chase, captured on body-worn camera footage, serves as a striking reminder of the courage and dedication displayed daily by the officers of Gloucestershire Police. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring public safety in the face of perilous situations underscores their indispensable role in our society.

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