Drag Queen Kandy Muse Assaulted at Club, Highlights Importance of Consent

Drag Queen Kandy Muse Assaulted at Club, Highlights Importance of Consent

Drag queen superstar Kandy Muse, known for her appearance on the hit show “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” was subjected to a violent assault at a club in the Bronx, New York City. The incident occurred on Friday night when a drunk man aggressively grabbed Muse’s arm and refused to respect her boundaries.

Muse took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to share a video displaying the nail marks she sustained during the altercation. In her post, she expressed her decision to speak out about the incident, urging her followers to prioritize their safety. Muse recounted how the man persistently groped and clung onto her, despite her repeated objections and demands for him to let go.

According to Muse, the situation escalated when she forcefully pushed the man away, causing him to become agitated and physically attack her. Although she managed to escape with minor injuries, Muse emphasized the importance of consent and the need for people to understand that “no means no.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Muse revealed that she had made multiple attempts to free herself from the intoxicated man’s grasp. She refrained from disclosing the name of the venue for security reasons but praised the club’s security personnel for their prompt response in handling the assailant. Muse expressed feeling safe the following morning but stressed the significance of consent, regardless of one’s appearance or attire.

The Bronx native acknowledged feeling a sense of doubt and questioned whether she was overreacting immediately after the assault. However, she soon recognized that her emotions mirrored the fear and hesitation many individuals experience when confronted with similar situations. Muse firmly asserted that her body is her own, and no one has the right to touch her without consent.

The Post reached out to Muse for further comment, but her response remains undisclosed. It is currently unclear whether she intends to pursue legal action against her attacker.

Fans and fellow drag queens rallied around Muse, offering support and condemning the assault. Jaida Essence Hall-arius, a contestant from “Drag Race” season 12, expressed her love and sympathy for Muse, while others advised her to obtain security camera footage and file a police report.

This incident follows another recent attack on a “Drag Race UK” alum, James Lee Williams, also known as The Vivienne. Williams was reportedly punched in the face at a McDonald’s in Liverpool, England, after enduring a barrage of abuse from another customer. The assailant, Alan Whitfield, was found guilty of a hate crime during a hearing at the Liverpool Magistrates’ Court.

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