Dozens of Stalking Victims Join Class-Action Lawsuit Against Apple Over AirTags

Dozens of Stalking Victims Join Class-Action Lawsuit Against Apple Over AirTags

Over three dozen victims who claim to have been terrorized by stalkers using Apple AirTags have joined a class-action lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit, initially filed in December 2022 in a California court, alleges that AirTags have become a dangerous tool for stalkers due to Apple’s negligence. The plaintiffs argue that AirTags can be easily and covertly used to track victims in real-time, leading to financial ruin and even violence.

Since the lawsuit was filed, plaintiffs have reported an increase in AirTags stalking cases, including a spike in international incidents and over 150 police reports in the US as of April 2022. In one metropolitan area alone, Tulsa, Oklahoma, there were 19 reported cases. The plaintiffs argue that Apple has not done enough to address the issue, despite implementing safety features such as iOS alerts and chimes to detect hidden AirTags.

The victims in the lawsuit reside in 20 states across the US, with two plaintiffs from Canada and one from Ireland. Many of the stalkers using AirTags are reported to be abusive partners or exes, while others are stalked by unknown individuals. The plaintiffs claim that AirTags, designed to help locate lost items, allow stalkers to track their victims’ movements in real-time, making it difficult for victims to evade or hide.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple knew AirTags could be used by stalkers but advertised them as “stalker-proof” regardless. The plaintiffs argue that Apple’s attempts to enhance safety features have been inadequate, and AirTags remain a dangerous tool for stalkers. They claim that Apple’s acts and practices violate federal and state laws, invading the privacy of victims unknowingly being tracked on Apple’s expansive network of devices.

The victims are seeking damages for all individuals in the US who own iOS or Android devices. The lawsuit accuses Apple of releasing a defective product and unjustly enriching itself while invading the privacy of victims. The plaintiffs argue that AirTags have revolutionized the scope and ease of location-based stalking, making them the weapon of choice for stalkers and abusers.

The case is ongoing in a California court, and the plaintiffs hope to hold Apple accountable for the alleged harms caused by AirTags stalking.

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