Double Murder Suspect Confesses to Killing Two Victims in Oakland

Double Murder Suspect Confesses to Killing Two Victims in Oakland

Oakland police have arrested 34-year-old Amadi Monroe, also known as “Bang,” after he confessed to two murders. Monroe admitted to killing Jerald Larnell Clark II and Brenda Diaz in separate incidents. The suspect allegedly stalked Clark since his release from jail a month earlier. Monroe waived his Miranda rights during a police interrogation, revealing that he shot Diaz in the head inside her parked Lexus before driving to Oakland to purchase drugs from Clark. Authorities believe Monroe’s extreme paranoia motivated both killings.

Monroe has been charged with murder in Clark’s case, but the delay in charging him for Diaz’s death is due to jurisdictional issues. Investigators are working to confirm the location of Diaz’s shooting and determine which district attorney’s office will handle the case. Monroe’s confession and his fixation on Clark, which began after his release from jail in an unrelated shooting case, have been cited as motives for the crimes.

Monroe is currently held without bail at Santa Rita Jail. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are also looking into two nonfatal shootings in Richmond that Monroe is suspected of committing on the night of August 10.

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