DoorDash Driver Intervenes in Violent Altercation, Suffers Vehicle Damage

A DoorDash driver, Angelo Montoya, displayed bravery and quick thinking when he intervened in a violent altercation on Interstate 8 at Sunset Cliffs in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego, California. The incident, which occurred last week, was captured on terrifying footage.

Montoya, a 20-year-old San Diego State University sophomore, was en route to his next food delivery when he came across the distressing scene. A woman was heard screaming for help, prompting Montoya to stop and assess the situation. The woman pleaded with him not to leave her, as recounted in Montoya’s GoFundMe page.

Despite his intentions to calm the situation, Montoya’s intervention only escalated matters. The aggressor turned his attention towards Montoya, warning him to mind his own business. However, Montoya stood his ground, urging the man to back away from the woman and threatening to call the police.

The situation took a violent turn when the unidentified man approached Montoya’s car window and physically attacked him, punching him in the neck. Realizing the severity of the situation, Montoya dialed 911 while instructing the woman to seek refuge in his vehicle. Together, they fled the area.

Moments later, the enraged man pursued Montoya, driving alongside his Tesla and abruptly cutting in front of him. Montoya, fearing for his safety, made a split-second decision to reverse his car, causing the man to jump onto the hood of the Tesla before falling back onto the road. However, the pursuit continued, resulting in a collision between the two vehicles and several parked cars.

Fortunately, the assailant eventually drove away, but was later apprehended and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The woman involved in the altercation escaped without serious injuries, while Montoya was hospitalized with minor injuries, including soreness in his neck, lower back, and right calf.

Following his release from the hospital, Montoya initiated a GoFundMe campaign to seek financial assistance for his medical and legal expenses, as well as to help replace his damaged vehicle.

The incident serves as a reminder of the risks faced by delivery drivers and the potential dangers they encounter while performing their duties. Montoya’s courageous actions highlight the importance of community members looking out for one another and the need for increased awareness of personal safety.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Do you think individuals like Angelo Montoya should be recognized and rewarded for their bravery in intervening in dangerous situations, even if it falls outside of their job responsibilities? Why or why not?

  2. Great story! I would love to hear more about how Angelo Montoya intervened in the altercation. What actions did he take to display bravery and quick thinking?

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